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Awake Leadership is an interactive guidebook for driven, curious leaders and team members within organizations. The guidebook contains a proven approach, interactive exercises, and candid insights from the field for progressing toward objectives with more clarity, efficiency, and enthusiasm. The guide is divided into seven sections, or leadership vitals: Vision, Support, Structure, Tools, Context, Inspiration, and Freedom. As you work through the guidebook, you’ll discover effective exercises for learning about your organization and objectives, as well as tools for keeping your team clearly aligned toward objectives and inspired from day-to-day. The guide contains impactful practices for clearly communicating and working with your team and partners, developing your leadership style, and cultivating a culture of collaboration.


Awake Leadership Reader Reviews

a fresh step-by-step approach with interactive exercises and insights that can help today’s leaders develop their authentic leadership style and uncover strengths they didn’t know they possessed. ” – Jonathan W., Vice President, Veraction

I found myself in a similar situation as [the author], taking on a larger team and figuring out our collective purpose. I’m still figuring it out, and using this as a guide to think through the big questions.” – Christine W., Director, Anthropologie

there is a “meta” aspect to the process: by working through the exercises, as a team, participants will begin to understand the unique characteristics that each individual brings to the team, and will begin to understand not just how a “generic” organization functions, but also how “our” organization can best function. ” – Herb F., Associate, Amazon

“As a millennial and aspiring leader, I found this book to be very helpful in visualizing how to manage as a leader… the exercises and examples were insightful and something I can immediately apply at work.” – Sophia A., Product Specialist, Google


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