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seeking to take your leadership to the next level? 


Growing businesses change and evolve quickly and the leaders within the organization must have the skills and mindset to evolve and grow with the business and progress toward their highest potential. Traditionally, leadership development in done in a silo, apart from the day-to-day work, through courses. Leaders are expected to take these leadership skills back to their day-to-day work and apply them, which doesn’t usually happen effectively. Workshops and courses are useful (I lead them too!) but experiential learning through impactful projects and personal coaching in real time is invaluable. This is what Awake Solutions Consulting is all about. I help you and your leaders leaders overcome leadership obstacles and progress.


I work with business owners and rising leaders on strategic development projects and initiatives that enable the business to evolve and grow sustainably.


Our work together fuels profitability, revenue growth, and personal development. Through working together on a project or initiative, we add value to the business. It’s part consulting, part contract work, and a big part education.


Things We Work On

Vision Planning


Project Planning and Execution

Using Analytics for Insights and Action

Growth and Development Opportunities


Strategic Planning


achieve your vision. transform. grow. 


I love the incredible group of unique clients I work with around the globe. I’d love to explore how we can partner and bring your vision to reality. Please contact me and I’ll get back to you to schedule a call to discuss how we can partner.


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