Awake Ethics

A timeless, interactive guide for rising leaders and business owners. 


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“The must-have ethical guide for every modern leader. unique and universal.”  


We all seek both peace and progress at work. The most successful leaders cultivate a peaceful work environment for team members while also driving impactful progress. What keeps leaders from achieving both peace and progress?

During Hilary’s experience in the corporate world, she found that ethical issues and misunderstandings are the most common leadership and collaboration obstacles. She decided to write the guidebook that she wishes she had as a leader in order to solve ethical issues that are so prevalent for modern leaders.

Awake Ethics offers rising leaders and business owners a shared language for ethics. The ten ethical principles equip leaders with the tools necessary to transform the way you lead, interact, and feel at work. In the guidebook, Hilary analyzes why and how contemporary ethical issues like dishonesty, lack of ownership, anger, and lack of discipline are obstacles to collaboration and progress. She gives insight as to why these ethical issues still exist and are so common in our work environments. She provides solutions, through the principles and stories from her experience, for how rising leaders can overcome these barriers to success. All leaders and organizations can benefit from this guidebook by gaining clarity and confidence through a shared understanding and approach to modern business ethics.



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