Want to provide your rising leaders with new skills, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities?

When we break away from our day-to-day routine to learn something new, we emerge with new skills, insights, and potential. Awake Solutions workshops equip leaders with key leadership skills, unleash potential, and provide a platform for collaboration. I like to think of them as “leadership labs” – 20% theory and 80% exercises and practice. We focus on the science and art of leadership.

I love leading workshops for special events, conferences, leadership off-sites, and private on-site visits. Each participant also receives a copy of one or both of my latest guidebooks


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 3 applications of Mind Mapping for Leadership 

Looking for a more impactful way to brainstorm, align with your team, or project plan?

Mind Mapping is a powerful visualization tool that enables leaders to bring their vision to reality. In this workshop, Hilary will guide you through a methodical yet creative approach to Mind Mapping. Learn how to use Mind Mapping for brainstorming, project planning, and organization. We’ll do interactive exercises throughout the workshop so all participants emerge confident, inspired mind mappers.


Giving Feedback! Fuel Continuous Improvement

Do you find it difficult to provide specific feedback to your team members? Do you find that your feedback is not always actioned upon?

In this workshop, learn how to give feedback that inspires action and progress. Setting up a structure for feedback to flow and learning how to give clear, inspiring feedback will take your team’s progress to the next level. We’ll explore common mistakes leaders make when giving feedback to team members, how to cater to the needs of individual team members, and how to set up a structure for continuous feedback on your team.


Delegation 101

In this workshop, learn how to delegate according to your team member’s strengths, skills, and interests in order to maximize productivity and engagement. You’ll learn how to delegate with confidence; without feeling or seeming like a dictator. We’ll practice the approach using real case studies of different types of team structures and also spend time working on your own delegation strategy.


Become a Planning and Prioritizing Ninja

Do you feel busy? Is it hard to find time in your schedule to focus on things you truly want to focus on because the minutia is taking up all of your time?

In this workshop, learn how to be a time management ninja! We will go through my tried and true process for organizing and planning your tasks and team projects so that everything is accomplished and you find new space in your calendar. Get ahead of the work!


Expansive, Actionable Brainstorming

In this workshop, learn how to lead an effective brainstorming session that enables your group to generate new and exciting ideas and solutions. Learn how to then take those ideas and make an action plan to implement them. We’ll do an actual brainstorm together based on a challenge or initiative your group is working on to illustrate the process and emerge with functional ideas and a plan of action!


Team Vision Planning

This workshop is especially for new leaders or rising leaders going through team transitions. In this workshop, we will design your team’s vision plan. A vision plan is a visual representation for how the team will accomplish the ongoing tasks and larger objectives. Gain clarity on what your responsibilities really are, how to structure your team’s tasks, how to delegate them to your team with clarity, and how to measure progress to ensure you bring your vision to reality.




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